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The All-Tone 1025 is a vintage style hybrid, bringing the best characteristics of classic American and British tonalities together. The clean tone is woody and chimey, and when you push it hard it transitions into smooth overdrive with control and clarity. The ultimate versatile, medium power 10" speaker!


  • Diameter 10"
    Power Rating 25 watts
    Voice Coil Diameter 1.0"
    Magnet Weight 18 oz
    spl 96 dB
    fs (hz)


    re (ohm) 6.9
    le (mh) 8
    qms 17.23
    qes 1.969
    qts 1.767
    vas (cu ft) 0.808
    cms (mm/n) 119.12
    bl (t-m) 6.15
    mms (grams) 17.302
    sd (cu cm) 366.096
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