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The All-Tone 12100 is a newer high power version of the acclaimed All-Tone 1250. We beefed up the voice coil and magnet for a big bold tone with more lows and mids, and it's also louder with increased clean headroom. The ultimate versatile, high power 12" speaker!


  • Diameter 12"
    Power Rating 100 watts
    Voice Coil Diameter 1.75"
    Magnet Weight 48 oz
    spl 100 dB
    fs (hz)


    re (ohm) 6.7
    le (mh) 8
    qms 8.613
    qes 0.7235
    qts 0.6674
    vas (cu ft) 1.384
    cms (mm/n) 87.6
    bl (t-m) 13.76
    mms (grams) 27.84
    sd (cu cm) 558.645
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